Neurology & Neurosurgery

Welcome From the Chairs

THE MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL’S departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery were top performers in both U.S. News & World Report® for 2023-2024 and Newsweek rankings for 2021–2022, and in National Institutes of Health (NIH) research funding.

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  • No. 9 in the nation for adult neurosurgical and neurological care (U.S. News & World Report®, “Best Hospitals” guidebook 2023-2024)

  • No. 8 in Neurosurgery, and No. 11 in Neurology (Newsweek, World’s Best
    Specialty Hospitals, 2021)

  • No. 20 in the nation, and No. 1 in New York State, for neurosurgery NIH funding (Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research, 2021)

  • No. 13 in the nation for neurology NIH funding (Blue Ridge Institute for Medical
    Research, 2021

Welcome, readers! In this Specialty Report, we are excited to share some of our significant accomplishments for 2021.

The Department of Neurosurgery:

  • authored more than 180 publications,

  • recruited outstanding talent,

  • expanded specialized clinical programs and created sub-specializations, and

  • improved access to care and established new follow-up protocols during recovery.

Learn how we expanded our use of advanced digital technologies in the neurosurgery operating room to enhance accuracy and safety, and are utilizing new devices, techniques, and processes to improve outcomes for glioblastoma, pediatric arteriovenous malformations, and stroke. Leading some of these efforts is Mount Sinai BioDesign, our in-house incubator for biomedical innovation.

The Department of Neurology:

  • vastly increased its NIH research funding during the last five years, with annual grants reaching more than $24 million in 2021, and

  • is leading a large, collaborative NeuroCOVID research program to examine neurological outcomes and complications among recovering COVID-19 patients.

Learn how our researchers led the first study to establish an association between MRI metrics and diet factors in multiple sclerosis, which may have implications for slowing disease progression; are using a master protocol approach to simultaneously test two agents for painful diabetic neuropathy; and have created a novel and useful tool to determine the size and myelination of segmented nerve fibers in light and electron microscopy.

Our outstanding neurosurgical and neurological clinical and academic faculty—encouraged by a robust commitment by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to support our medical, educational, and research endeavors—enabled us to excel, every day.


Joshua B. Bederson, MD

Joshua B. Bederson, MD

Leonard I. Malis, MD / Corinne and Joseph Graber Professor and Mount Sinai Health System Chair of Neurosurgery

Barbara G. Vickrey, MD, MPH

Barbara G. Vickrey, MD, MPH

Henry P. and Georgette Goldschmidt Professor and Mount Sinai Health System Chair of Neurology