FBI Research Scholars Partnership: Where Philanthropy Funds Innovation and Collaboration

FBI Research Scholars Partnership: Where Philanthropy Funds Innovation and Collaboration

THE FRIEDMAN BRAIN INSTITUTE (FBI) Research Scholars Awards, a pilot grant program that provides funding for young faculty to pursue innovative ideas that help advance the understanding and treatment of nervous system diseases, is now in its sixth year.

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These are especially collaborative efforts across the School of Medicine and Mount Sinai Health System. The effort is funded entirely by philanthropy. The recipients represent the departments of Genetics and Genomic Sciences; Medicine; Microbiology; Neurology; Neuroscience; Neurosurgery; Ophthalmology; Pediatrics; Pharmacological Sciences; and Psychiatry.

Meet our Scholars!

  • Fascitelli Research Scholar Award

Felix Richter, MD/PhD candidate; Katherine Guttmann, MD; Benjamin Glicksberg, PhD; Madeline Fields, MD; and Maite La Vega-Massello, MD Multimodal Seizure Monitoring in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Joseph and Nancy DiSabato Research Scholar Award

Navneet Dogra, PhD; Panos Roussos, MD, PhD; and John F. Fullard, PhD Circulating Exosomes as a Liquid Biopsy for Brain

  • Sundaram Research Scholar Award

Deanna L. Benson, PhD, and J. Javier Bravo-Cordero, PhD Biological Basis for Increased Melanoma in Parkinson’s Disease

  • Jane Martin and Stuart Katz Research Scholar Award

Michael Lazarus, PhD, and Dongming Cai, MD, PhD Targeting Autophagy for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Richard and Susan Friedman Research Scholar Award

Rita Z. Goldstein, PhD, and Hirofumi Morishita, MD, PhD Closing a Translational Gap by Linking a Prefrontal Network to Social Deficits Across Species

  • Lipschultz Research Scholar Award

Eva Velthorst, MD, and Muhammad Parvaz, PhD Multimodal Neurophysiological Tracking of Conversational Speech-to-Brain Synchrony in Schizophrenia

  • Satter Research Scholar Award

Vanna Zachariou, PhD, and Benjamin tenOever, PhD Elucidating Adaptive Responses of Dorsal Root Ganglia to Respiratory SARS-CoV-2 Infection

  • Shah Family Research Scholar Award

Uraina Clarke, PhD Neural Correlates of Social Discrimination and Associations with Cardiovascular Disease Risk

  • Nash Family Research Scholar Award

Fedor Panov, MD; Allison Waters, PhD; Helen S. Mayberg, MD; and James J. Young, MD, PhD Decoding Interoceptive Inputs to Mood with Simultaneous Depth and Surface Recording of Human Brain Electrophysiology


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